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In order to provide our customers with the highest quality packaging, ROYALPACK has always preferred to purchase the most modern machines for their production. At the moment, we are in possession of machines from leading companies in the industry such as: K&B, Kodak, BOBST, STOCK, BHS, BW Papersystem, Mosca, Pivab, HSM and Kongsberg which allow us to perform a high quality process, from the design to the ready-made packaging. Below, we present some of our machines:



2 BHS Single Facers for single face, single wall, double single face and double wall board production.

Single Facers works in-line with laminator and rewinder for single face flute.



Printing machines

- OFFSET - VLF K&B Rapida 164A

- FLEXO - BOBST 1700




- in line STOCK

- off line STOCK



Flat-bed die cutting machines

- BOBST Power Register 1600

- BOBST 1600

- BOBST 1575

- VIKING 1650



Folding-gluing machines

- 5-point

- 4-point




- Paper sheeter

- Corrugated cardboard sheeter







Packaging line

- automated belt strapping machine

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