Due to the creativity of our designers, graphic artists and modern machines for the production of corrugated board packagings, our offer includes many unique packaging solutions with offset and flexographic printing. Their aesthetics and functionality is controlled by a highly motivated R&D department.


Our new product line is the packaging printed in high resolution offset printing on a dark brown kraftliner surface - we called it SILA LINER. It is an ideal solution for customers who want to create an ecological image of their products, take care of the natural environment, and maintain high quality of printing at the same time.

Sila Liner

Standard packaging - FEFCO catalog

ROYALPACK implements all the projects included in the FEFCO catalog. This catalog is often used to determine the structure of packaging.



Packaging on the store shelves

Everyone knows that the customers buying different products mostly assess them by their looks. Therefore, the shelf ready packagings are a very popular form of commodity display. Their content is promoted by their looks. Thanks to their practicality, the ease of placing and opening, they are very often used to display products in store chains.



Increasingly market chains expose goods on POS articles. It is a very practical and aesthetic solution, which increases the sales of products.


Reusable packaging




Packaging constructions with the possibility of changing graphics, by using an additional informative and decorative adhesive layer.
This product is designed for customers who value ecology, saving and at the same time high aesthetics, which is why it has a wide range of applications. Due to the adhesive layer, the construction can be used for several exhibitions, as well as for various promotions organized in distribution networks. In this way, the recipient optimizes the costs of subsequent promotions and reduces the amount of generated waste.

Reusable packaging may also have increased strength parameters of selected structural walls through the use of machine-bonded transverse reinforcements.

Such reinforcements have their practical application, in particular in Bag-in-Box packaging.




Packaging is not only a way of securing the product, but first of all creating a product brand. In order to enrich it, we offer:

  • varnish: UV gloss/matte, dispersion super flash, standard dispersion, matt, soft touch, non-slip etc.
  • metallized paints
  • foil (e.g. gloss/matte, soft touch, anti scratch, gold, silver, etc.)
  • stamping


The visual value can also be added by PET foil, used in boxes with a window.

We also make packaging with a plastic or paper handle attached, which complements the practical aspect.




Customer service



We offer comprehensive customer service in the field of:

  • print design,
  • offset and flexo printing,
  • laminating,
  • cutting,
  • bonding,
  • stocking and delivery.


Among our products, you will also find packaging without any printing and packaging printed with the use of flexographic method.


Our extensive experience enables us to create individual solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. We are always willing to help you in all matters related to packaging. We guarantee a timely delivery of the final high-quality product. In order to help you run your business, we also offer a JUST IN TIME delivery. We have our own transport truck, therefore, we are able to deliver the final product on time to your company.

Such a professional, comprehensive and flexible service allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.


General terms and conditions of deliveries

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