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The protective barrier combined with the highest print resolution creates an aesthetic, advanced packaging solution for demanding products. Packaging with a protective barier are 100% recyclable !


Barrier liner for corrugated board properties:

• Brown PET-paper sandwich liner, testliner based

• Liner for protection against grease, water, moisture and abrasion

• Good runnabiliy on corrugating machine

• Can be pre-printed

• Direct contact on PET-side with dry, wet and fatty foodstuffs

• Gives a strong and stiff box in moist conditions

• Depending on the intended use in the structure of the packaging, it protects the packaging and the packed product against external factors and / or protects the packaging from the inside against factors resulting from the specificity of the packed product

• Smooth, light and strong

• Recyclable together with standard corrugated cardboard


Typical end use:

• Boxes for fatty and sticky foodstuffs (meat boxes, cheese boxes, candy boxes)

• Electronics boxes

• Packaging for all other industries where a resistant coating is essential – SKIN !

Packaging with a protective barrier

We offer display packaging with a barrier coating, due to which all products, that require moisture, grease and abrasion surface resistant can be packed.

We create packaging with a protective barrier, which, just like our skin, has 3 layers:

Upper layer

The barrier is made of PET foil

Middle layer

PE - merging the top and bottom layers, constituting an additional barrier against moisture

Bottom layer

Provides tensile strength, easily sticks to corrugated cardboard. It can be any type of paper (Kraft- or Testliner)


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