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Fabricant d'emballages biologiques Grass Liner

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We all know how important the impact of industry on our climate is today.

In the face of incoming challenges, we have created a unique range of sustainable packaging based on grass paper.

The Grass Liner brand was created for customers who, together with us, want to consciously take care of the planet, and at the same time stand out with their product on the market.

The use of the Grass Liner series in the production process is undoubtedly associated with the reduction of harmful factors related to the impact of the production of the raw material on the natural environment.

Our top-quality offset printing on the Grass Liner background gives the consumers a sense of aesthetics, purity, naturalness and care for the natural environment.


Special paper for offset printed packaging


The GRASS LINER brand is based on a special type of uncoated paper made from grass fibers.

Grass paper is a product made on the basis of cellulose, in which, in addition to fresh fibers from wood or recycled paper, there is a significant proportion of grass fibers (up to 30%).

The combination of the features of this paper with its high-resolution printing gives us unlimited possibilities to create unique graphic compositions.



More ecological than Testliner white


On average the production of grass paper emits 5.6% less CO² than the production of Testliner white.

On average the production of grass paper uses 11.0% less water than the production of Testliner white.

Comparing the traditional method of recycled paper production to the production of grass paper, we can talk about reducing CO² emissions by approx. 300 kg and saving of approx. 3 m³ of water per ton of paper produced.

Grass paper production has an average 28% lower impact on ecosystem biodiversity.


Environmentally friendly design 

Thanks to our packaging from the GRASS LINER series, ecological products will receive a form of protection and exposure reflecting their guiding features.




Grass paper is FSC and ISEGA (food contact) certified.

It does not cause allergies, which is confirmed by an independent medical certificate.




Grass Liner solution is used especially in unit packaging, where the consumer takes the product home and can enjoy its appearance every day.

Ideally suited to the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food, small household appliances and more.


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