History of the company

Despite the humble beginnings, a modern family business was created. A rapid development of 2011 had its roots already in 1996 when the founder of Royalpack, Andrzej Tatar, became the sole representative of Stone Europa Carton GmbH on the Polish market. Three years later, in 1999, he opened in Poland a branch of Europa Carton Sp. z o. o. and became its CEO. In the year 2000, Anna Tatar, a future co-owner of Royalpack, joined the logistics team of Europa Carton branch in Zielona Góra. By 2010, the branch of Europe Carton Sp. z o. o. was within the structures of Smurfit Kappa Group.


Year 2011 - creation of ROYALPACK, Tatar Spółka jawna. The company’s bussiness is focused on the production of packaging made of corrugated cardboard printed with the use of offset printing technique. In 2011, the company was in possession of the following machinery:

  • offset printing machine KBA 162 (format: 1120 x 1620 mm),
  • laminator,
  • automatic die cutter BOBST 1575,
  • stamping crucible Viking and Crosland (format up to 1700 mm),
  • 3-point folder-gluer.


Year 2013 - a breakthrough for the company. On 31 July, ROYALPACK, Tatar Sp. j. received an EU grant under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, Priority Axis 4 - Investments in innovative undertakings. Pilotage: “Support for the first implementation of the invention.” Thanks to it, in November, we began the construction of a modern plant in Słone.




Year 2015 - completion of the investment and change of the registered office of the company.











Year 2016 - the extension of Production Park for an extra 2 680 square metre







Year 2018 – the next breakthrough for the company. – on 15th January ROYALPACK received an EU grant under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme, 2014-2020. Project: “Range of innovative reusable cardboard packaging with innovative features and landmark performance parameters”. Thanks to the grant, the company is equipped with a modern production line for the production of packaging with very high quality offset printing. In addition, the company purchased the flexographic printing machine from its own funds and expanded the plant by approx. 6 000 square metres.


Currently, the company employs over 100 people, but their number is constantly growing. What contributes to it is the new machinery purchased in 2018, new investment, and thus the growing interest of companies from different industry sectors and markets. Royalpack operates on the Polish, German, Austrian, British, Scandinavian and Benelux market with prospects for further development on other European markets...


We are a manufacturer of corrugated cardboard packaging, printed with offset and flexo printing technique. We produce individual and collective packaging, displays, as well as projects from the POS group for products from different sectors of the market. 


The company is present on the market since 2009, but its history is a long process based on over 20 years of experience in the packaging industry. Therefore, we are fully aware of how important it is to care about the customer. We understand you and we adjust to your needs.



Our goal is to be the best in what we do.


For the sake of building long-lasting relationships with our customers, we offer a very flexible and comprehensive service. It guarantees the adjustment to the needs of even biggest customers and this, on its part, translates into their satisfaction. It is the result of responsible and sustainable business.



We owe our constantly growing potential mainly to our employees. From the very beginning of our existence, we invested in the fast development of our position on the market. With qualified staff and continuously increasing capacities, and through the purchase of modern machinery, we manage to achieve this goal.


By investing in the development of the company, in 2019 we built a new manufacturing plant and purchased modern machinery, increasing its production capacity to 50 million square metres. Through our thoroughness and professional approach, we build our brand day by day.

Sustainable development policy

The policy of sustainable economic development is primarily a business activity with concern for social progress and respect for the environment.


Royalpack is a company that conducts its business in a responsible and sustainable way. The satisfaction of our customers, personal development of our employees and the respect for the environment and local communities are the main values that we cherish.



Royalpack strives to be the most recognizable manufacturer of cardboard packaging on the market. To achieve this, we will act for the benefit of the environment and local communities among which we have the privilege to work.


Our employees are our greatest investment. We try to take care of the development of their competence, a sense of identity with the company, and rewarding career opportunities. The basis for the personal development of our employees is to support their activities, to organize trainings, to boost their ambition and positive motivation.


We say “no” to the discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, age, religion, political views or other features that could in any way cause discrimination.


We promote the interests of people with disabilities and people bringing up children by adapting the infrastructure. As a result, people with disabilities do not feel discriminated against and can fully function in our plant.



The construction of a new manufacturing plant cannot negatively affect the environment. Being fully aware of it, we try to implement environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Renewable energy sources

    On our premises, we have mounted solar panels. Thanks to this, we reduce energy consumption. Our company uses solar energy for heating the tap water in an office building, as well as on the production hall.

  • Reducing the production material consumption rate

    Modern machinery enables us to reduce the amount of waste generated during the manufacturing process. This is linked directly to the acquisition of a smaller amount of necessary resources.

  • The use of KODAK Sonora panels

    Through the acquisition and implementation of modern technologies in the printing process, which is for example the use of CTP Sonora plates, the company introduced significant cost savings associated with the elimination of chemicals.

    We reduced the amount of water and energy consumed during the plate treatment process. We shortened the time needed to prepare the project for printing, and we eliminated chemical waste that are cumbersome to dispose (read an article PRINTING WORLD).


The combination of economic and ecological factors creates a positive effect on the company's bussiness, as well as on the surrounding environment.

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