Solid Board

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Solid board is a type of packaging material characterized by high plasticity in processing, as well as durability and stiffness. It is a durable raw material and at the same time is more environmentally friendly than other packaging materials, such as plastic. Royalpack aims at the appropriate selection of solid board suppliers, which is why our offered packaging is based on the highest quality paper grades in its category.

Current reality of solid board packaging requires choosing the proper raw material and there is no room for compromise. A number of key parameters influence the substrate selection, and these are: print quality requirements, product protection, design features and needs, durability and overall value. Among the wide range of materials available on the market, it is worth mentioning four main categories of substrates for solid board packaging.

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS)

Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) is a popular packaging material. It is made mainly out of chemically fragmented 1st generation fibre, which is later bleached, refined and formed into a single layer by a machine used in the production of solid board. SBS is white on both sides as well as on the entire surface of the sheet. The relatively short fibres of solid wood are coated and polished so that they create an outstandingly smooth surface enabling to produce offset printing of the highest quality.

SBS is perfectly applicable for embossing, hot stamping, creasing and gluing. Paper allows to make a clean cut and has sufficient internal and surface durability to enable high-speed printing with use of viscous oil-based lithographic inks. SBS has good stiffness properties and creasing-resistance. Other features, such as being hygienic and clean, as well as odourless and tasteless make it suitable for taste-sensitive products such as cigarettes, pharmaceutical products, chocolate and cosmetics. SBS tends to be more expensive in comparison to other substrates.

Folding Box Board (FBB)

Folding Box Board (FBB) is the standard substrate for solid board packaging, also called FBB. Its structure consists of a middle layer of mechanical mass located between the outside layers of chemical mass. The top layer of cellulose pulp is bleached and pigment-coated. The back of the cardboard has a cream colour (manila). It results from the fact that the back layer of the bleached or unbleached chemical pulp is translucent. This allows the colour of the middle layers to affect the interior appearance of the cardboard.

FBB is a type of substrate made of virgin fibres which are characterized by full and stable purity providing the safety of the product. Combining the inside mechanical pulp layers with outside chemical pulp layers results in creating a durable and rigid sheet that makes it a material of low density and high stiffness. These fully-coated substrates provide excellent printing and visual effects of the packaging.

Coated Recycled Board (Duplex)

Coated Recycled Board (Duplex) is the most popular product around the world. CRB is usually produced from a mix of recycled paper, newsprint and mixed recycled paper. Its short fibres most often come from recycling, including at least 35% of them with “post-consumer” origins. It consists of eight or more layers of material whereas the outer layer is made of bleached or semi-bleached fibres.

CRB is the most common substrate used for low-cost solid board packaging in which the recommended or required composition should be recycled. It is dedicated for multifunctional packaging that does not have to be highly resistant to damage and the printing quality is not so important. However, it often exceeds other types in stiffness.

Coated Kraft Back (CKB)

Coated Kraft Back (CKB) is a type of 5-layer substrate made from virgin fibres. The middle layer provides the structure with perfect stiffness, thanks to which low-grammage paper can be used in comparison to other kinds of coated substrates. The outer layer is coated double what results in obtaining excellent printing surface. The inside layer is brown - kraft.

Furthermore, CKB is chemically and microbiologically pure, thanks to which it is suitable for all kinds of packaging for consumers.

CKB is the ultimate packaging material for such products as dry, chilled and frozen food, chocolate, beverages and alcohol. It can easily be used to produce collective packaging – an eye-catching packaging is lightweight, durable and easy to carry, open or recycle.


Solid board unit packaging undoubtedly provides our graphic designers with unlimited creativity space. This is the packaging category where we take pleasure in offering a wide selection of refinements, such as embossing, hot-stamping or selective varnishes. We realise that our POS solutions end up at customer’s houses. We make every effort in producing packaging, all for the satisfaction of the end-user.