Royalpack means passion

Royalpack emerged from our passion for packaging. Our goal is to be the best in what we do. Flexible and comprehensive customer service guarantees our adjustment to your needs and this, on its part, translates into the satisfaction of both sides. Our value is the construction of long-lasting relationships with our customers. Therefore, each day we take care of you and your needs!

What can we offer you?

The creativity of our constructors and graphic designers, as well as new machinery enables us to offer you a wide range of packaging types manufactured by us. Starting with basic constructions from the FEFCO catalog, ending with individual projects, we are able to create for you something original and, at the same time, useful. It will make your product stand out among the competitive products available on the market.

Technology is a basis

The colours and quality of the packaging in which your product is placed is a key marketing tool. A number of psychology research confirmed a great influence of these factors on a customer’s decision. This is why taking care of look and functionality of a packaging for your product is so important. Our modern machinery guarantees the highest quality of offset printing and of the final product.

ROYALPACK shows significant business development using KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates 


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