Offset printing provides by far the highest quality and sets the current trend in the packaging industry.


The advantage of our company on the packaging market is offset printing in the B0+ format (sheet size 1200 x 1620) and the respective machinery suitable for the production of corrugated fiberboard packaging ranging from wave E through B, C, EB, BC. Packaging produced by us are structures based on the entire FEFCO catalog and its derivatives, as well as individual projects tailored to the needs of the packaged product. Our machinery allows us to produce both small unit packages as well as large bulk packaging with offset printing.


Flexographic printing has strengthened its position among printing techniques in recent years. Thanks to technological progress, the quality of this print is already at a very high level. Its advantage is the ability to print directly on a sheet of cardboard.


Our printing machine and the quality of cardboard, which is the base, gives us the opportunity to product projects in the highest quality.

We make printing on corrugated cardboard with wave E, B, BB, EE, EB, BC (maximum sheet size: 1200x1700)


Also in flexographic printing, we offer various packaging designs, both individual projects and those based on the FEFCO catalog.

Product Development Department

The designers of R&D department compose a young, ambitious and creative team. Their task is to implement new packaging for production, as well as to cooperate creatively with the customers to design the best packaging for their product.


To be able to accomplish these objectives, they were equipped with special software that allows for:

  • Construction design (Artios Cad, Cape Pack)

  • Graphics design (Adobe Creative Cloud)

  • Design and 3D vizualisation (Studio Designer)



and devices:

  • Digital proofing printer
  • Kongsberg plotter to cut out packaging prototypes
  • KODAK platesetter for the preparation of offset CTP SONORA plates



Linking the creativity of our team and technological capabilities of these devices enables us to:

  • Become independent in the process of product launching...
  • Reach greater flexibility in the process of packaging design
  • Minimize the time of delivery of the ready-made product
  • Use environmentally friendly technology in collaboration with KODAK – We are GREEN!


And thereby, achieving total customer satisfaction.



ROYALPACK shows significant business development using KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates


The article about the using of new technology - read...


In order to provide our customers with the highest quality packaging, ROYALPACK has always preferred to purchase the most modern machines for their production.


At the moment, we are in possession of machines of the leading companies in the industry such as:

KBA, BOBST, STOCK, BHS which allow us to perform a high quality process, from the design to the ready-made packaging.


Below, we present some of our machines:

  • Corrugator

    • 2 BHS Single Facers for single face,
      single wall, double single face
      and double wall board production.
      Single Facers works in-line with laminator
      and rewinder for single face flute.






  • Printing machines

    • VLF KBA Rapida 164A








  • Laminators

    • in line

    • off line – sheet






  • Flat-bed die cutting machines

    • BOBST Power Register 1600

    • BOBST 1600

    • BOBST 1575

    • VIKING 1650

    • CROSLAND 1750



  • Folding-gluing machines

    • 5-point

    • 4-point







  • Sheeters

    • Paper sheeter

    • Corrugated cardboard sheeter














  • Packaging line

    • automated belt strapping machine









QA Department

Through its activity, the packaging are constantly controlled in terms of their durability (BCT parameter), humidity and appropriate weight in relation to customer’s guidelines.


The conditions in the production hall and warehouse space are also monitored on a regular basis.


The ISO 9001:2015 standard introduced by us coordinates for us all activities and individual processes.



Sila Liner

We have created a new packaging brand dedicated to organic products.

Its name is Sila Liner.




The print on the Sila Liner made by us creates an incredibly sharp image on the dark brown natural surface.


This is a kind of the Kraft paper, thanks to that it stands out by much higher tear resistance and high moisture resistance compared to the standard GD2 recycled paper.

What is important in the context of environmentally friendly packaging solutions – our paper is FSC certified. 


Sila Liner can be the basis for all projects, from unit packaging, to collective packaging, individual designs and displays.




Reusable cardboard packaging

Our new innovative product is the result of the project "A range of innovative reusable cardboard packaging, with innovative features and breakthrough performance parameters". These are packaging constructions with the possibility of changing graphics, by using an additional informative and decorative adhesive layer.

The production technology of packaging is covered by patent protection No. 233993 entitled: Product of corrugated cardboard with an adhesive layer.




This product is designed for customers who value ecology, saving and at the same time high aesthetics, which is why it has a wide range of applications. Due to the adhesive layer, the construction can be used for several exhibitions, as well as for various promotions organized in distribution networks. In this way, the recipient optimizes the costs of subsequent promotions and reduces the amount of generated waste.


Product innovation:

  • the ability to change graphics made in the highest quality offset printing (adhesive layers)

  • extended packaging life - multiple use

  • increased structural strength

  • reduction of the amount of generated waste – ecology

  • costs optimization



As part of the above project, we have also created corrugated cardboard packaging with increased strength parameters of selected structural walls through the use of machine-bonded transverse reinforcements.
Such reinforcements have their practical application, in particular in Bag-in-Box packaging.


The above packaging have been available for sale since April 2020.



The product was created thanks to the grant from European Funds under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020. Sub-measure 3.2.1 Market research





Packaging with increased durability

The present invention is an innovative energy-saving system for producing packaging with increased durability.

Our packaging production technology was filed for protection in the Polish Patent Office as an invention no. P.398521 under the name: „Sposób wytwarzania pudeł tekturowych i pudło tekturowe” (“A method for manufacturing of cardboard boxes and a cardboard box”), as well as in the European Patent Office as an invention no. EP12183020.2 under the name: “A method for manufacturing of cardboard boxes and a cardboard box.”




The new product is designed for customers of innovative packaging who rely on assigning new functional and utilitarian features to products. These products are characterized by high durability, aesthetic look and high environmental performance (3R - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).


Important features:

  • Average breaking strength of the weld: 211 N/m

  • Maximum breaking strength of the weld: 336 N/m

  • Weld cracking work: 495 J/m²

  • Resistance of the weld to the shear stresses: 1032 N/m

  • Deformation of a compressed box: 9.01 mm

  • Resistance of the box to the static pressure (BCT): 2781 N



Product innovation


New functionalities:

  • Additional protective function

  • Boxes for dynamic packing

  • Additional transporting function – bulk packaging containers

  • Additional transporting function – transport in extreme climatic conditions

  • Additional marketing function – offset printing of the highest quality





The product was created thanks to the grant from European Regional Development Fund under the I.E.O.P 4.6.


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