Why hybrid double-sided printing can be beneficial for business?

This is a combination of offset printing and flexographic printing in one package. It is possible to produce such products in several combinations. Outer layer: offset printing. Inner layer: flexographic printing. Packaging of this type, due to the high quality of offset printing, is designed to attract the attention of the buyer. Inside the packaging, 1 or 2 color graphics are printed, which serve as an additional message for the recipient. Due to their high advertising attractiveness, they are used in almost every product category. We recommend mainly in industries: - Clothing - Cosmetics (cosmetic sets, perfumes) - Toys and children's products - Garden articles - Electronics - Larger dimension products - Gaming products Outer layer: flexographic printing. Inner layer: offset printing. These are packages that respond to the growing needs of ecology and biodegradability. They most often use gray, craft, or white coated and uncoated cardboard. We also offer ecological solutions based on grass paper. After opening, the offset print causes a "WOW" effect. Such packaging finds wide application in the e-commerce market. The interior surprises the buyer, and the external side is adapted for transportation. We recommend for: - Clothing, especially in online sales - Gift sets with alcohol - Dietary supplements - Gaming sets Why choose such solutions? Faster production process than in the case of double-sided offset printing. Flexographic printing is cheaper, which translates into lower packaging production costs. Only 3 or 5 layers of cardboard in the package. Better possibility of selecting raw materials for the composition of the entire package.

Packaging for the e-commerce industry - how to combine functionality, durability, and ecology?

In our offer, we have solutions for the e-commerce market that we constantly develop and improve. What are the most important features, according to us, that packaging for entities conducting online sales should have?

First and foremost, they must withstand transportation and handling by couriers. Therefore, they are made of durable materials, often gray cardboard. In our offer, we also have ecological packaging made of grass paper, which responds to the growing awareness of companies in the area of ​​sustainable business conduct.

Easy to assemble. We want packaging products to take as little time as possible for our customers. We understand the need for process economy.

We offer various graphic design solutions, such as double-sided printing - the graphics are not only on the outside of the packaging but are also visible after opening it. It can be, for example, an additional promotional message strengthening awareness or loyalty to the brand.

Packaging intended for the e-commerce market is equipped with 1 or 2 adhesive strips for sealing before shipping to the customer and potential resealing before being returned by the customer to the seller. This significantly facilitates packaging returns for customers. Additionally, they are equipped with tear tape to facilitate opening the packaging. What is tear tape? Also known as tearstrip or tear-off ribbon, it is a narrow self-adhesive tape used for opening packaging. Its task is to facilitate the opening of packages, eliminating the need for scissors or knives and reducing the need for significant force. Thanks to perforation, the tape acts as a guide, increasing precision. This is especially important in the case of return packaging, as it allows maintaining the integrity of the closing flap. The returned products are properly secured.

SUSTAINABLE E-COMMERCE PACKAGING In our offer, there is also paper tear tape for shipping boxes and envelopes. The strong paper carrier of the tape is combined with high-adhesion adhesive, ensuring reliable bonding - even on cardboard with a high content of recycled materials. The tape enables easy opening of packages, while simplifying the recycling process. Packaging made of grass paper represents an even more ecological approach.