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Dear customer, offset printing does not have to be done only on the white paper.

To meet market expectations, we have launched our new product line. These are corrugated boxes with high resolution offset printing on a dark brown kraftliner surface - available under the Sila Liner brand.

The offset printing technique guarantees, that the 6 point fonts are still perfectly visible, and the remaining even smallest graphic details are extremely sharp. The new product line we offer is not only distinguished by high quality, but what is very important, when deciding on this printing technology, you reduce your costs associated with the purchase of tools for preparing the printing process in relation to flexo technology.

At the point of sale, up to the 70% of customers can change their decisions under the influence of emotions and impulses.

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Our new brand Sila Liner is the perfect solution for you, if you want to create an ecological image of your products, to care for the natural environment, while maintaining the highest quality of print. The combination of the above factors will make your products stand out on the store shelf, which customers will certainly appreciate.

Special paper for offset packaging

The Sila Liner brand is based on a special type of uncoated paper, that allows you to create the most beautiful, distinctive corrugated board packaging with offset printing. Our offset printing on Sila Liner creates an incredibly clear image on the dark brown natural matt surface.

Much stronger than GD2 paper

It is a paper from the Kraftliner family with long wood fibers, thanks to which it is distinguished by a much higher tear and cracks resistance, and high moisture resistance when compared to standard GD2 recycled paper.

Brown or white color

Sila Liner with its high strength features is also available in white colour. We reach an extremely sharp image with high resolution of offset printing on both white and dark brown surfaces.

Environmentally friendly image

Thanks to our packaging from the Sila Liner series, your customers will be able to experience natural sensations at the shelf store, which they will not be able to ignore. What is key in the context of ecological packaging solutions, our paper is produced in FSC certification.

Perfect for all projects

Sila Liner can be the basis for all projects, starting from the unit packaging, collective packaging, individual designs and ending with displays.

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