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Innovative projects

Packaging is not only a way of securing the content, it is, first of all, creating a product brand. That is why we offer special constructions with an effective offset printing, which can be additionally refined, e.g. by stamping, hot stamping, foil lamination, etc.

Reusable cardboard packaging

Our new innovative product is the result of the project named "A range of innovative reusable cardboard packaging, with innovative features and breakthrough performance parameters". These are packaging constructions with the possibility of changing graphics, by using an additional informative and decorative adhesive layer. The production technology of packaging is covered by patent protection No. 233993 entitled: Product of corrugated cardboard with an adhesive layer. This product is designed for customers who value ecology, saving and at the same time high aesthetics, which is why it has a wide range of applications. Due to the adhesive layer, the construction can be used for several exhibitions, as well as for various promotions organized in distribution networks. In this way, the recipient optimizes the costs of subsequent promotions and reduces the amount of generated waste.


Product innovation:

  • the ability to change graphics made in the highest quality offset printing (adhesive layers)
  • extended packaging life - multiple use
  • increased structural strength
  • reduction of the amount of generated waste - ecology
  • costs optimization



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