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The ideal solution for most demanding graphic projects is offset printing, which, in addition to high quality printing, has a great potential when it comes to finishing of a package. ROYALPACK is equipped in a large-format offset printing machine of the latest generation, which allows for such finishes as:

  • - standard ones, using CMYK, Pantone and dispersion varnish
  • - paints for food
  • - fluorescent paints
  • - metallic paints
  • - printing on a PE+PET layer
  • - varnishes for food
  • - soft-touch varnishes
  • - anti-skid varnishes
  • - UV varnishes
  • - selective varnishes, e.g. matte + UV
  • - primer varnishes and many others


In the area of printing, ROYALPACK has created a unique brand called Sila Liner. It offers the possibility of precise printing on brown uncoated papers, thus giving our customers a real opportunity to be eco-friendly. From now on, the quality of printing on a grey substrate does not differ from printing on bleached papers in the offset printing technique. We can act in an eco-friendly way together and, at the same time, create unique packaging solutions that will effectively promote the products on store shelves. You can find out more at: sila-liner

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